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Working Closely with Candidates

It is our aim to match recruitment professionals with the most suitable business and position for them. The process we undertake with candidates is designed to help us determine the best available opportunities.

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Partnering with Business Clients

Every successful business is driven by happy employees who are committed to the company. By matching your business with the right candidates, we help you to fill positions with talented and dedicated experts.

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A Selection of Recruitment Jobs

There will always be a market for skilled recruiters, and it is the responsibility of Rec2Rec Solutions to bring companies and candidates together. There are many jobs  currently available, so get in touch with us today.


About Us

When a company and its staff are committed to achieving common goals, real progress can be made. At Rec2Rec Solutions, we specialise in rec-to-rec recruitment. Using more than 10 years of experience, our staff help to unite skilled candidates with recruitment agencies that need their talents. Working with an honest, professional, and personal approach, we tailor our work around the individual needs of the candidate and agency to ensure a suitable result for both parties. As a company, we have a number of core values: integrity, professionalism, discretion, honesty, and quality. 

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